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Slot Machine Strategies and Tips

Basic Strategy

Most people think that slots is just a game of random chance. It is easy to see how folks could get this idea into their heads, but let’s remember that modern slots are run by computer processors, not gerbils running on a wheel. Payouts are run almost on a sort of schedule. The key to winning at slots is being in the right place, at the right time, and in the right moment in that machines schedule. This is not as hard as it may sound. There are nine things you can do to increase your chances of winning at a slot machine.

1. Seek out the highest payout possible. This piece of advice may fall into the category of “Duh”, but many players disregard this truism. There can be a difference of 10% or more in the payback percentage offered by the same slot machine located in a casino in Detroit versus a casino in Las Vegas. The player will fare much better in a place where the general payback percentages are greater;

2. Seek out the higher pay machines. These machines will generally be located in high visibility areas. The reason for this placement is so that folks will notice the machine paying off and be inclined to try their own luck. You may well find the loosest slots in the places where they can be seen by like an elevated carousel. This does not mean that all the machines on a carousel are loose. Slot managers being the cagey S.O.B.’s that they are usually mix their tight slots in the same carousel as their loose slots;

3. Join the player's club and always use your player's card. Membership has its privileges, unfortunately these advantages to not manifest themselves at the slot machine. You will win or lose just like a non-member, but the card may help you get some of your money back. Many casinos offer a "cashback" program that gives the player back a percentage of their total play. Additionally, all casinos offer comps. Take advantage of these offers, join the player's club and always use your card.

4. Cheapskates are rarely rewarded at the slot machine. Play the maximum number of coins at all times: Payback percentages are calculated to include the jackpot amounts. It is almost a rule that Jackpots are only paid on maximum coin pulls.

5. Seek out single payline machines. These machines are less expensive to play. Your money will last longer, and your chances of winning a big jackpot, will be greater on a single payline machine;

6. Stick to two coin or three coin machines. This will help you stretch out your bankroll, and increase your chances of running into a jackpot.

7. Never walk into the casino with having a money management and playing strategy set up.

8. Things with the word “progressive” in them are usually a bad idea and will cost you money in the end. Payouts on progressives are much lower than on regular slot machines.

9. Stick to the budget you have set up to play. If you have decided to play only $200, put that money in one cup. Put your winnings in a separate cup. When the $200 cup is empty, go home with the winnings in your other cup. Your winnings should not inflate the original budget you have set up. If you gamble with your winnings you will probably just give it all back to the casino.

More Slots Strategies

slot-machine-strategy Have you ever wondered how to get better at Slot Machines? Ever wanted to know some simple tips on how to play? Well here I have compiled a list of some tips that might help you out when you are playing those Slot Machines at the casino.

We all know that most people go to the casinos to make a little bit of money on the side, but the most important tip that I or anybody else would have given you is that you have to have to have fun. If you don’t have fun while you are playing Slot Machines, it isn’t a good thing. Getting frustrated can get you to "go tilt" or in other words lose your cool and start betting (and losing) a lot of money.

You should quit once you start getting mad because you will almost always end up losing when you aren't thinking clearly. Cut your loses, pretend you are starting at even the next day and play like you normally would. We all think that we're due for a win. So don't go off the deep end like "Damn it! I lost 13 straight spins! I know I'll hit the payline this time. I'm going to bet $50. Crap!"

Streaky Slot Machines

Hot Streaks

First off you have to know about hot or cold streaks. In my experience, all slot machines go through hot and cold spells. Usually, I will categorize it a hot streak if the paylines hit for 2 times your bet or more five times during a 20 spin cycle. Recognizing and anticipating when these hot streak are going to start or have started will end up winning you a lot of money. Its risky, but there are signs you can pick up that it is coming. They are subtle hints that are hard to pick up.

What I am basing this off of is the primary approach that I go about playing. I like to do hundreds of spins to give myself as large of a sample as possible. This gives you a feel for how often things occur and when you should be expecting to see them again. Here are some examples:

slot-machine-costume Most video slots that I've played with bonus rounds, you should expect the bonus round to be achieved every 100-200 spins. If it has been longer than 200 spins, then you will want to bump up your bet and you should be rewarded soon. I've had the feeling so many times and been one or two spins away from bumping up the bet only to have a large win happen. Free spins are very similar, but will happen less often than the bonus round most of the time.

Another thing to watch for is how often large paylines hit. On average, I see a 10 times the bet winner every 50 to 100 spins. I see a 20 times the bet winner every 100 to 200 spins. I see larger than 20 times the bet winners happen about once every 500 spins and the jackpots (for non-progressive slots) usually hit about one in 5000-10000 spins

Cold Streaks

Likewise, I've seen some cold streaks that last more than 30 spins without getting a winning bet. The best way to spot these trends is that they will usually start out with five or more spins that do not hit on any payline, followed by scattered small payline wins that don't equal your initial bet. If you spot this in advanced, you can go down to the minimum or next to the lowest coin size allowed. Then spin, spin, spin until you see the reels come back to life.

Adjusting your bets accordingly during hot and cold streaks is one of the ways I've actually made money playing slots. You strike when the iron is hot and you back way off when the slots are empty.

Auto Spins

This is also a middle ground where action is happening, but not consistently. Usually I have found that during these spells you will not lose a lot of money relative to the size of the bet you are making. During these times, I like to set up the autospins feature (if available) to bet the largest bet that I am comfortable betting. then I give the autospins program some parameters.

Here are the things I want the auto spins to stop for: If I lose more than X amount of dollars, if I gain X amount of dollars and if a single spin wins more than X amount of dollars. These are important because they all say something about how things have progressed. A large winning payline doesn't happen all the time; therefore I want to know when it happens. If I'm betting $1 per spin and I've lost more than $50 over a hundred to two hundred spins, I'm going to know that something is coming soon.

Random Number Generator

random-number-generator But what about the Random Number Generator? Aren't you just blowing hot air with your strategies?

Yes, a RNG randomly selects all the symbols you are going to get. It creates a thousand different combinations every second. But these machines also have other chips built into them and those are programmed to make sure that a machine is not taking too much money or paying out too much money. Therefore, if the RNG is about to do a jackpot hit the program can manually decide whether or not to let it happen.

It can also make sure that large wins are randomly done every so many spins more or less. That doesn't mean that it has to do this. You can go 500 or more spins without a bonus round or free spins when the average should be 100-200 spins.

All I'm saying is that there definitely are patterns that you can pick up on and I have won money doing it this way. I've also lost money trying to do what I described before. There is no magic bullet or guaranteed way of winning. Being attentive to what has happened and anticipating what will happen next is one of the only ways to win in the long run with slots.

Everyone wishes they could have a time machine that would take them back 5 seconds in the past. Bet it all right now! But then the casinos would start banning people who were winning unexpectedly.

Other Tips

Another common tip that you might have already known would be to not play with money that you don’t have, or can’t afford to lose. You must pay your bills first before you ever even hit the gambling floor. That is the responsible and adult thing to do.

When you play slot machines you never know if you will win or lose, so please don’t expect to win every time you go to play at the slots.

Another tip I can give you is to join slot casinos and take advantage of some of the offers and rebates that they have to offer. There are many slot bonuses that help increase your chance of winning. Go back to the home page and see which casinos I like and have played at or check out this online slots guide at realmoneyslotsonline.com.

An obvious tip is to play the machine that is within your budget that you can afford. That way you can play longer, and have a greater chance of winning. Let’s say you play a machine with a higher denomination you will only be able to play a few games, and what fun is that when you can many games on a lesser denomination machine.

I hope you have you have enjoyed my tips that will make your experience playing the slot machines in casinos and elsewhere a totally enjoyable experience.